Eat food your mind and body crave

You know that cutting out the junk and cleaning up your diet is the key to energy, vitality, and healthy weight loss

But you’re stuck in a rut, bored of food, and desperate for ideas to transform your meals

Let me introduce you to The Detox Way, a wholesome real-food cookbook of delicious and satisfying HEALTHY meals that you can cook without spending hours in the kitchen

In The Detox Way you will find:

100+ recipes made with clean, detox-boosting, and wholesome ingredients, crafted to give you a steady supply of energy and prevent cravings

Recipes grouped based on meal times (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) to help you plan your meals faster and easier

Suggestions for pairing foods and dishes for best taste and most balance

A section on foundational nutrition that answers the ultimate ‘what should I eat?’ question

10 pages of cheat sheets and quick reference lists

Beautiful food pictures and a clear design that will inspire the cook in you

All the recipes are:


“Nour’s Detox Recipes are delicious! I made my husband the Shepherd’s Pie and he couldn’t believe that it was a detox recipe. I have incorporated several of Nour’s recipes in my monthly dinner rotation. I’m so amazed by how she can maintain healthy preparations without sacrificing flavor!”

Farah M.

“This cookbook is a great resource for people trying to learn how to eat healthy. Not only does it provide a good education on nutrition but it provides the tools you need to get started. The best part are the wonderful recipes. They are clean, nourishing yet simple and doable. So many recipes I see have too many steps and are not worth the work. These recipes are simple yet look delicious! This book offers practical ways to bring healthier foods into your day.”

Theresa Roth, Registered Dietitian

“I love The Detox Way’ for simplifying what sometimes seems to be such a complex task…eating right. The book is easy to read, understand and follow. It’s like having a nutritionist at your fingertips! Not to mention the recipes are quick and easy to follow, so implementing a healthy lifestyle now has been made effortlessly achievable!”

Sosan A.

“The shrimp detox and cauliflower detox salads are unbelievable. My surprise favorite was actually the cauliflower detox salad. I was skeptical about making something with raw cauliflower – but was blown away by the flavor, texture and crunch that this recipe provides. Nour has a knack for mixing the perfect ingredients needed to provide maximum health benefit and maximum taste. Looking forward to trying all of the recipes in this book!”

Nazia A.

“The no-tortilla chicken soup is an amazing recipe! I made this in my slow cooker and it turned out great. I love the squash in it. Don’t underestimate what the squeeze of lemon and lime do for it right before serving! I’m single and froze about half of it to enjoy later. It was just as good.”

Jan D.

How eager are you to…

Have more energy to study, work, keep up with your kids, exercise, run your errands, or do whatever you want without running out of gas?

Think clearly without constant brain fog and forgetfulness?

Have a healthy glow on your face?

Lose weight or maintain a healthy weight without dieting or counting calories?

Feed yourself and the people who matter in your life high quality nourishing food?

…without spending hours in the kitchen making complicated meals that will cost you a fortune?

If you said YES to any of these, the recipes in The Detox Way are for you!

My name is Nour Zibdeh, author, functional nutritionist, and registered dietitian.

I put together my best detox-boosting recipes in ONE book, then I measured and calculated portions so the meals provide energy and prevent sugar spikes and crashes. I wanted to give you simple recipes to help you feel energized, focused, and physically and mentally empowered.

Many people struggle with what and how to cook. I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose weight, improve chronic diseases, reduce inflammation, balance sugar and hormones, boost energy, combat fatigue, and detox through wholesome clean food. With my years of experience, I’ve been able to give my clients complete recipes as well as blueprints that make wholesome eating possible, despite their chaotic lives.

As a wife, mom of three beautiful kids, and a business owner, I know the struggle of figuring out healthy meals on a daily basis. I want to simplify your cooking and meal planning so you can put dinner on your own table, just like I have dinner on mine.

The book emphasized two critical aspects of healthy eating: BALANCE and DETOX

Let me tell you why…

Balancing your meals by balancing macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) will allow your body to maintain a healthy blood sugar range. This prevents sugar spikes and sudden crashes, maintains steady energy levels, prevents hormonal spikes, increases fullness from meals, and reduces extreme hunger and cravings. This is especially important if you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypoglycemia, or if you’ve been told you have blood sugar issues.

Eating detox-boosting meals will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to clear out the toxins and chemicals that snuck in your body through food, water, air, cleaning products, make-up, plastics, and others. With more toxins out, you feel more focused, enjoy clearer skin, have more energy, and feel less sluggish.

Balancing your meals and eating detox-boosting foods will help you lose and maintain weight without even trying

I know this because I help people like you every single day!

You may have started eating this way but eventually stopped or got discouraged…

You’re bored of eating the same meals

You wonder if the foods you’re selecting are even healthy (because nutrition can be confusing, very confusing)

You slip back to old habits because healthy eating is still overwhelming and difficult

You try to modify recipes to make them healthier but you don’t know how to do that without sacrificing taste

You try to modify recipes to make them healthier but end up sacrificing taste

You wonder if all the long and complicated steps in a recipe are necessary and worry about messing it up if you take a shortcut

You eat a healthy meal only to feel hungry and crave sugar an hour later

With The Detox Way at your fingertips, you don’t need to worry about any of that!

I did all the work so you don’t have these frustrations. I simplified and organized the recipes so you can enjoy a clean detox way of eating and witness the rewards in your health.

To come up with the recipes, I started out with the healthiest most-nutritious ingredients. I paid attention to variety and convenience, adjusted portions, calculated macronutrients, modified, tasted, edited, photographed, and included the tips and shortcuts I’ve used for cooking for my own family for over 10 years and shared with hundreds of my private clients.

Then I’ve organized the recipes in a way to help you select what you need when you’re in the mood for it. Do you need a quick recipe or do you have some time to create a slow dish? Are you in the mood for a salad or stew? Are you craving traditional American meal or something with ethnic flavors and spices? Do you need someone to tell you what recipes to pair together to make a complete meal?

I have all of these included, plus more.

The recipes in The Detox Way are made from clean wholesome ingredients that boost detoxification…

Because your body doesn’t recognize processed ingredients, chemicals, preservatives and other unnatural man-made compounds found in our food supply.

These compounds accumulate in your fat tissue, arteries, and around your joints, leading to inflammation, bloating, water retention, muscle and joint pain, weight gain, fatigue, loss of concentration, and brain fog.

And years of neglecting what and how you eat will result in leading you to not feel yourself anymore.

The first step to restoring your health so you can feel lively and energized to go after your goals, hopes and dreams is to nourish your body right.

This is exactly what The Detox Way cookbook will help you do.

It’s just the right amount of information paired with recipes, tools, and tips. You won’t get overwhelmed or frustrated, and you won’t spend hours after hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up a storm.

Eating The Detox Way doesn’t mean you sacrifice taste or the pleasure of eating

“I love how it feels like she is talking to you in what seems like a heart to heart honest talk!”

Farah S.

“I am enjoying the read, it’s much more than a book about detoxing, it’s answering a lot of questions about nutrition for me and is just what I am needing right now.”

Ruba H.

“I wish there were moe books like ‘The Detox Way’ out there. The recipes are easy, affordable AND good for your health! I love the salads section; the dishes are so fresh and satisfying and the beetroot & carrots salad is by far my favorite! I am definitely incorporating this book in my daily meals as part of my New Year’s resolution of living a healthy lifestyle!”

Mohannad H.

“I’ve never liked avocados and I know how healthy they are – but after trying the spinach avocado smoothie, I will start adding it all the time!”

Seema S.

“I loved the recipes and how they are chuck full of spices and easy.”

Robin F.

I’ve been cooking and serving healthy and delicious dishes for years, sharing with friends and family on a daily basis and at dinner parties and gatherings.

I’ve taught many of these nutrient-rich, detox-boosting recipes to my patients and clients. Some were avid cooks and others had no kitchen experience.

The feedback I kept getting from friends and clients was the main reasons I had to publish this book. They were surprised that healthy dishes can taste that good, that the meals were enjoyable because they packed flavor in every bite.

And those who made the recipes at their homes were thrilled that it was easy to cook and eat this way. They were empowered and excited to embrace this new healthy clean eating lifestyle.

The Detox Way is more than just a cookbook

There is no shortage of recipes online. But that’s where their purpose ends. They are just recipes. You have to do all the hard work to decide if they really fit in the lifestyle you’re trying to accomplish. an then you’ll have to modify and adjust, hoping they will still taste good.

With The Detox Way, I wanted to give you something of great value. I wanted to inspire you to look at food from a clean wholesome perspective. I wanted to show you how to build meals that are balanced and nourishing. I wanted to answer, yet simplify, the ultimate ‘what should I eat???’ question. I wanted to highlight certain foods to boost detoxification. And I wanted to eliminate foods that can potentially make you feel tired, moody, and foggy.

Your copy of The Detox Way inludes:

A complete section that teaches you basic nutrition, what food types to select (hint: not the USDA MyPlate!), how much of these foods to select, and how to combine them together

Explanations of common confusing nutrition topics like eggs, dairy, gluten, red meat, carbs, protein, omega-3’s, and more

10 pages of cheat sheets and quick reference lists: Healthy Salad Builder, Healthy Snack Builder, Healthy Smoothie Builder, Non-Starchy Vegetables List, Healthy Carbohydrates List, Healthy Proteins List, Healthy Fats List, Best Oils for Salads and Cooking, and How to Read Food Labels

A bonus download: a 7-day meal plan with a grocery shopping list and a schedule for things to do in advance, so your meals can be served with less time, effort, and clean up

Feed yourself and the people who matter in your life high quality nourishing food?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the amazing recipes in the book:

Chunky Brown Lentil Soup

Easy, hearty, and filling. This soup is packed with high-fiber vegetables and flavor.

Beet & Carrot Salad

Beets are packed with antioxidants that protect again cancer, improve heart function, and boost detoxification. Learn how to enjoy them in this delicious and fresh salad recipe.

Pan-Seared Scallops

Scallops contain amino acids that help lower cholesterol and improve body composition to be more lean.

Detox Sheppard’s Pie

A twist on a classic dish, this Sheppard’s pie recipe is low carb and loaded with detoxification ingredients.

Kale Pineapple Smoothie

It’s simple and filling. The combination of ingredients will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Have you neglected what and how to eat for years? Now is the time to:

Have more energy to study, work, keep up with your kids, exercise, run your errands, or do whatever you want without running out of gas

Think clearly without brain fog or forgetfulness

Have a healthy glow on your face

Lose weight or maintain a healthy weight without dieting or counting calories

Feed yourself and the people who matter in your life high quality nourishing food

Feel the difference without scrambling for recipes or ingredients, researching for the right information, or guessing ingredients and pairing options

In ONE book, you have all the recipes you need for all your meals and snacks. You don’t have to think or search anywhere else.

All you have to do is pick a few recipes to start enjoying your energized restored health


About the Author

Nour Zibdeh, MS RDN CLT

Nour Zibdeh is an author, functional nutritionist, and registered dietitian. She uses functional nutrition therapies, including detoxification, to help her patients improve their health and live fulfilling lives. She helped hundreds of people lose weight, overcome digestive problems through healing the gut, uncover and overcome food sensitivities, manage diabetes and heart disease, manage autoimmune conditions through food and proper supplements, improve thyroid and adrenal function, and eliminate chronic fatigue.

Nour is based in Northern Virginia where she sees patients in her practice. She also offers individual consultations virtually. She’s often an invited speaker at events and interviewed regularly as a nutrition expert.

Nour is a wife and mom of three active boys. She understands the daily struggles of making clean wholesome meals! In her book, she shares the recipes she makes for her family and friends and the recipes she recommends to her patients. Flavor and wholesomeness are non-negotiable in her food dictionary. Nour believes that everyone has a goal and mission in life. Healing, nourishing, and clean foods are the foundation of a body and mind that are energized, focused, and empowered to fulfill these goals. She is passionate to contribute to your mission by taking the stress of what to eat away, setting you free to pursue your goals and dreams.

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