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Success Stories

“Before working with Nour, I used to struggle with frequent heartburn, IBS symptoms, throat & mouth tightness sensation. Now, I have reduced to non-existent reflux, less hoarseness in throat, and nearly non-existent IBS symptoms. I liked that the program was catered specifically to my needs, and I learned a lot about dietary things that can impact health and impact gut health. Nour is very knowledgeable about things to research and test that indicate possible causes of symptoms. I would recommend working with her.”

-Ron – struggled with frequent heartburn, IBS symptoms, throat & mouth tightness sensation.

“I used to experience frequent bouts of intense LPR – Symptoms being excess mucus, sore esophagus, sore throat, heartburn. Now, I no longer have sore esophagus/throat feeling, I only have slight mucus most of the time. And I learned more about digestion and inflammation. I liked seeing results of testing – MRT, Stool, and Histamine tests. Nour is very understanding & knowledgeable – Never did i regret doing this even with a steep cost. I had her book and can tell she was quite knowledgeable and felt she can help me.”

-Anthony L, experienced frequent bouts of intense LPR – symptoms being excess mucus, sore esophagus, sore throat, heartburn.

“Before working with Nour, I has a very restricted diet due to GI issues. With this program, I was able to expand my diet and improve GI comfort. I like that the program is step by step and offers detailed expert guidance. Now I have more confidence knowing that my health can improve. What made me work with Nour is that she’s knowledgable, and I would refer anyone with GI issues to her program without any hesitation.”

-Melissa B, had a very restricted diet due to GI issues.

“Before working with Nour, I had moderate-to-severe abdominal pain daily including symptoms of bloating, flatulence, and intestinal cramping. I also suffered from fatigue, frequent headaches, brain fog, and acid reflux. After completing her program, I feel well-informed about my nutritional intake. I am even more cautious about reading labels before choosing foods from the grocery store and more compelled to prepare meals from scratch. Additionally, I do not suffer from acid reflux anymore, and I have a significant reduction in abdominal symptoms. Finally, I have had improvements in the frequency of headaches and fatigue.

The program was comprehensive and holistic. The diet and supplements were tailored to my needs based on diagnostic testing, not based on a “one size” fits all program. The diagnostic tests provided valuable information about my current health status and provided the motivation to adhere to the rigorous diet and supplement schedule. And finally, the ability of having a “life coach” available via the better health application was instrumental for communicating with Nour and quickly alleviated ambiguous symptomatology or questions that did not require a full appointment. It also provided in-depth information about each part of the program and was a great way to look back at previous session notes and documents.

Nour was professional, personable, resourceful, and provided prompt communication for whatever needs that I required as a patient. And to be honest, I had been receiving beneficial emails from her for years before deciding to finally join her individualized program due to the associated cost. But if you do not invest in your own health, who will? This was the best health investment that I have made for my health and overall wellness! I have already referred others.”

-Mona A, had moderate-severe abdominal pain daily including bloating, flatulence, and intestinal cramping. Also had significant fatigue, headaches, and acid reflux.

“I was struggling with IBS, gas, bloating, constipation, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, migraines and headaches and weight gain for over 26 years. All of which would cause very bad episodes of pain. I was on as needed medication for the IBS and treatment meds to keep migraines at bay as much as possible. After working with Nour, I lost 12 pounds, my IBS and migraines were almost non-existent. I began to experience a much better level of energy, cognition and overall quality of life.
What I like most about the program is being educated on how certain foods, while perceived healthy, did not apply to everyone and the various ways it could affect your body and in turn healthiness. I also liked when Nour said to me, “you will have to break up with sugar.” That really hit home. Nour is very personable and invested in the betterment of others’ health and quality of life. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She is a great teacher of providing details on how the body works and how certain foods affect the body and create illnesses and how to conquer and cope with them. I have become knowledgeable about certain foods and how to consume food for better health. I now know what to do and how to do it and how to monitor my body if I get off track. I benefited so much from her program and would recommend it for others..”

-Ardis J, struggled with IBS, gas, bloating, constipation, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, migraines and headaches, and weight gain. 

“Before working with Nour, I struggled with constipation, muscle pain, acne, bloating and gas, and stomach pain. Since working with Nour, I feel much better. Most of the symptoms I struggled with are completely gone. I know myself better and I understand how maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help so much. I like that Nour’s program is realistic and something I can maintain as a lifestyle. I really enjoyed the process. People should know that the non-traditional route that Nour uses actually works. -Lama A.”

-Lama A – Constipation, muscle pain, acne and bloating

“Before working with Nour, I was chronically ill. I would end up with infections every 1-2 months and would end up in the hospital 3-4 times a year. I had congestion, fatigue, rashes, and wasn’t confident I could change my eating habits.

I was excited to work with Nour because of the immense positive feedback I received from friends who worked with her. I was just nervous because I didn’t want to “fail the program.

The program has drastically changed my life. Most of my chronic ailments are gone. I have much more clarity, energy, ans a healthier approach towards my lifestyle. What I liked most about the program is the bi-weekly in person meetings and direct instructions on what to eat and portion sizing.

Nour is professional, kind, and very approachable. She listens to her patients and has depth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and healing the body. She makes every meeting count, and is always there for her patients! Working with Nour has positively impacted my mental health, spirituality, and physical health. It has made me reapproach the way I see food and what’s needed to be “healthy”.”

-AA – Chronic infections and histamine intolerance

“Before working with Nour, I felt like I had a miserable existence. I was extremely bloated and constipated, and felt like I couldn’t eat anything. I was desperate. Nothing was working. It was recommended that I see a gastroenterologist at John Hopkins — or Nour.  I went online and liked her approach and credentials. I benefited so much from her program.  I feel great!

Knowledge is power. I now understand what’s going on with my gut and what I can do to manage my gut health. One other thing I’ve noticed from working with Nour is that I am less depressed. The thing I loved most about Nour’s program is the results I got. Nour is great. She really listened to me, gave clear instructions, and was patient. Her thorough knowledge and treatment strategies were impressive and effective. If anyone should know something about working with Nour it’s this: Trust her. She knows her stuff! I would definitely recommend Nour to a friend or family member. Thank you so much, Nour!”

-Steffanie B – Bloating and constipation

“A potential diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is what brought me into working with Nour. I would choke on food when I ate out. It was embarrassing! I would have to run to the bathroom in the middle of meals to throw up my last bite of food. Then, it was hard to eat after I threw up.

I hesitated about working with Nour because of the cost and I wasn’t sure whether or not she was knowledgeable about esophagus disorders and food allergies. However, I have benefited greatly from this program. I am no longer choking on food when I eat. That embarrassment is gone. I used to have constipation and now my bowel movements are more regular and a good consistency. I feel better! I am more conscious of what foods I put into my body and what supplements I need to regulate my bowel movements. I know what I can and cannot eat and why. I also liked the embrace of technology! From the sophisticated digital scale at the office to the platform to manage appointments to the medical tests like the SIBO test you can complete at home. In the end, my problem may have been either acid reflux or EoE, but my digestive problems are gone and I don’t need to see my GI doctor anymore.”

-Geoff M – Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), acid reflux and SIBO

“Before working with Nour, life was a constant daily struggle – each minute seemed like an hour. I was not able to sleep at night and during the day, along with the never-ending sore muscles and headaches, my anxiety and depression caused constant mood swings. Early this year, there was not one day I did not cry from depression. I was completely tired – mentally and physically. At first, I was a little hesitant to start working with Nour because I am a picky eater – a VERY picky eater. I had heard about a “gluten-free, dairy-free” lifestyle and was very sure that I could never live off of that kind of diet. It was refreshing to learn from Nour that “gluten-free, dairy-free” although healthy, is not necessarily for everyone. Each body is so unique and so different, and something that may be healthy for others may actually be unhealthy for me. Watching Nour’s regular blogs and seeing her professionalism and knowledge on the topic is really what made me sign up. There are a lot of nutritionists and dieticians, but Nour stands out because she genuinely cares about my health and does a lot of research on her end to ensure that we are taking all the practical steps. Best of all, she keeps up-to-date with new studies and research and is able to tell me about new tests that may be able to help me heal!

My life has completely flipped right-side up since starting this program. Being in the program has taught me to listen to my body. I am more aware of what I eat and how I feel and can much more quickly heal my symptoms before they start. Not only this, but I have learned so many new recipes! This program has really made me a better cook because now I’m able to cater my own recipes. For example – table sugar not working out? Substitute maple syrup! Can’t have tomatoes in your recipe? Substitute beets/red bell pepper! This program has also taught me valuable knowledge that is not limited to me — I am constantly taking what I learned from Nour and applying it to my family and friends. Along with handling my own physical health, Nour really worked with me in organizing my life in a way that supports good health. We talked about schedules, and children, and balancing/juggling. All things a normal doctor wouldn’t really discuss, but Nour seemed to understand her clients as a ‘whole’ rather than only the ‘physical health/supplements/diet changes’ aspect.

Today, I can honestly say that I have more energy than I thought I could have. I am juggling a full-time job, two children under five, and a homemaker. At the end of the day, I still have some energy left! And to top it off, I am so happy about my improved health that I wanted to share the blessings – I recommended my husband to sign up for the same program so he can feel as great as I do!

I really liked the food symptoms test. It made me view food and my body in a way I had never done before. But, regardless of what tests I could take or what supplements I could find, having an experienced practitioner is really what makes the program successful. She was able to explain the program and each step and answer any questions I had immediately. I also loved Nour’s responsiveness. She would be honest about when she would be on travel but would still check her e-mails regularly to make sure she responded to any questions I had. Also – making appointments was a breeze! Her assistant, Taylor, was so helpful and always found an opening for me at the time I needed!

To be successful on the program, you really do need to follow the valuable advice Nour gives. You can cheat, but you would only be cheating yourself. Each step is not always easy, but once you commit and follow through, there will be zero regrets.”

-Aisha S – Anxiety, headaches, sore muscles, depression and stomach pain

“Before working with Nour, I struggled with understanding how my eating habits affected my overall health, especially pertaining to my autoimmune disease (psoriasis) and fibroid pain.

I greatly enjoyed and benefited from her program. I feel more in control and aware of how food affects my energy level, my weight loss goals, my skin, and the pain in my abdomen area.

I liked the one-on-one sessions with Nour. Great feedback from her always. I also liked her ability to make necessary modifications to suit my lifestyle better. I would highly recommend working with Nour, but people need to know that it’s important to be consistent and committed to get results.”

-AY – Autoimmune Disease, fibroid pain and Psoriasis

“My husband and I searched out for a functional integrative dietician nutritionist when our 4.5 yr old son was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. He was experiencing urgent large loose stools often with blood streaks. We were grappling with the idea of starting him on the recommended Crohn’s Disease treatment of IV infusions and other harsh medications. Doctors told us that a change in diet wouldn’t help but we had to see for ourselves. We were hesitant about working with and whether it would make a difference in our son’s condition and treatment, and if diet alone would be powerful enough to combat his Crohn’s Disease.

However, we are ecstatic to say that Nour’s guidance and expertise was the key to dramatically halting our son’s disease progression! Having seen such positive results, his pediatric gastroenterologist is now in agreement of our choice to treat solely with diet and supplements. We couldn’t be more pleased with how our young son’s life and outlook has changed. He is having formed normal stools with absolutely no signs of bleeding. All his labs have improved and his inflammatory markers are so low they are practically nonexistent. He is steadily climbing on his growth charts. Not only has our son’s health improved, but our entire family has a much greater understanding of nutrition and its effect on the body.

Nour was excellent and extremely helpful in suggesting meal plans, recipes, and product recommendations. The expertise provided was invaluable. She was great with communication (both in person and online) and truly took the time to focus on our many concerns. Know that when working with Nour, your concerns, no matter the complexity, will be addressed. You will be listened to and treated with the time and courtesy that all healthcare professionals should extend to patients. Your body and health will thank you!”

-MD – Chrohns Disease

“Before working with Nour, I experienced intestinal pain off and on for 54 years with minimal success on medications. I had requested food sensitivity testing from my doctors but was always denied this service. It just made sense to me that foods could be contributing to my pain but I was unable to figure it out on my own.

I have benefited 100% from Nour’s program as I am now pain free! I really like the testing to determine my specific issue and the process of using supplements as treatment and foods as tolerated. Overall, I feel healthier and more knowledgeable of what works best for my issues. There is good science behind a nutrition approach and working with a nutritionist takes out the guess work in trying to solve digestion issues. All GI patients would benefit from this work. I am truly grateful to Nour for her knowledge and support during this process.”

-Lynne G – Stomach pain

“Life before working with Nour was unpredictable. I struggled with not knowing what foods were beneficial to me and what foods upset my digestive system. A lot of time and money was wasted on foods that I thought would help my digestive struggles, but in fact I was making it worse. My digestive issues included diarrhea, bloating, hunger, to name a few. Some days were great, others not so much. I never knew what the day held, because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing incorrectly. On top of this, I have endometriosis, and I wanted a way to manage symptoms with my diet.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the cost made me hesitate- but I feel that you can’t put a cost on your health and well being. I quickly made the decision that it was well worth the investment.

There have been many benefits to this program, some of which I didn’t even realize I needed! The main benefit is getting a handle on what negatively affects my digestive symptom. Being able to make a difference with the frequency of diarrhea is huge! Another big difference is the drastic reduction of mindless munching. Prior to this program, I always felt hungry and was probably fueling with the wrong types of food. Doing a total 180 to my eating habits has been pretty amazing. I no longer feel an insatiable hunger because I am giving my body what it needs.

I liked that the elimination of foods was done in a manageable and informative way. Having Nour to assist meant I wasn’t trying to cut out one large food group on my own because that is more difficult than it sounds! I also liked that the program essentially reset my meal planning. I used to approach meals as something that needed to be elaborate with many ingredients and prep. I learned that basic, simple and healthy foods do the trick, much more easily!

But this program cannot be half-assed, for lack of a better word! You are either all in or out. It would be a waste of Nour’s time as well as yours if you just went into this not totally committed. I have never had so many conversations before about my bowel habits! But seriously, the many things I learned about food, was a huge bonus. Nour is so patient, pleasant and encouraging, it made it fun.”

-Jaimie V – Diarrhea, bloating, constant hunger

Before I started working with Nour, I remember wondering if is this what everyone feels like? My energy level was beyond depleted, and no amount of coffee could wake me up or even make me alert. My brain was so foggy, I struggled to remember and even process things. I’d sleep every chance I could and wake up with the same lethargy. In the morning, my vision was fuzzy, eyes were red, and my body felt like cement. I was so sore upon rising. My hips and ankles felt like iron. Stretching would hurt so bad, and only loosened me up a bit, but I had to do it because I was so afraid of falling down the stairs, and prayed with each step that I wouldn’t drop my baby. The effects of whatever was going on inside was visible from the outside to everyone. My hair was falling out so much that there was a visible bald spot on the side of my head. My scalp was so dry that it burned when the shower water would touch it. My entire body was ashy, but my face took the hardest hit- I was a dull, pale blue. I tried so many shampoos and topical creams/oils, but nothing worked. I thought was eating all the right foods to keep me and my family healthy: wild salmon weekly, spinach, whole grains, bananas, avocados, kale and cabbage. I thought I was doing right for me and my family. I chalked it all up to fatigue and hormones. I figured once I stop breastfeeding, I’ll go back to “normal”. But I honestly didn’t remember what normal felt like. My stomach was so bloated and distended, I looked like I was in a second trimester of pregnancy. Worst of all these symptoms was the sludgy bowel movements that I had no control over. If I was out in the store, I’d have to drop everything and run to the nearest bathroom before I had an accident. One time, I actually did have an accident and my four year old whispered into the bathroom, “It’s okay mommy- I won’t tell”. And as sweet as my daughter is, I couldn’t keep up with her. I was so irritable; everything my kids did frayed my nerves. I was in a whirlwind – struggling to keep my balance amongst a new baby, a three year old, my failing health, aging parents, a new home, and a supportive husband who also didn’t understand what was going on. One thing I did know for sure that I wasn’t dealing with postpartum depression, because I had been there before with my first. I ended up visiting my midwives, and after blood work was taken, it showed that some antibodies were high, which indicated inflammation that can lead to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

I thank God for leading me to Nour. My blood work showed that I had elevated antibodies, and if I didn’t do anything, they would attack my healthy thyroid. After researching the problem and the solution, Google led me to Nour. She was a heaven-sent. She knew how to determine what was causing the inflammation, how to lower it, guide me through an elimination process to get my levels back on track, and how to fix my broken body with foods, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that were healthy for me. I didn’t know how to do that. I needed fast results, and didn’t have the brainpower, energy or time to play a guessing game with my health. My life and my family’s well being depended on it. I prayed on it, and am grateful for the results.  
We’ve all heard the idiom “a new lease on life”, but I really feel like I signed it. Two days into the program, my body aches were drastically lowered. I remember walking down the stairs and not feeling achy ankles, or wobbling because of my sore hips. Within a few weeks, my skin was glowing. My dry scalp is now healthy without any special products. I wake up with out an alarm and am well-rested. During our big (extended) family beach trip, everyone noticed how tiny my waist was, and asked about Nour’s program. There’s a great sense of optimism – like a new energy in my life. I don’t remember ever feeling this good, not even in my youth. My kids, husband, extended family, chores, and the daily struggles are all manageable now. I’m able to enjoy my kids, and feel like a real functioning adult. I am at a point where I can think, “Okay, I’m good (physically). I just need to be patient with them.”

I loved meal planning with Nour. I learned more about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an auto-immune disease), and that my relationship with food is one of the greatest means in prevention. I would refer Nour and her program to family and friends.

-SD – Hashimoto’s, fatigue, chronic pain

Want results like these?

If you want to explore how my program can help you uncover your core imbalances, get to the root of your problem,
and eliminate your symptoms once and for all, book a strategy consultation today.

Before working with you, I struggled with urgency and diarrhea, constant stomach pain and bloating, and a general feeling of queasiness. Often I would forego my morning gym sessions because of stomach cramps and bathroom breaks. Initially I was worried about the amount of money spent and what the results may be. I was expecting to get some relief, but I wasn’t convinced my symptoms could be cured in a 4 or 5 month period. I was also worried about the amount of dietary restrictions.

Having (almost) completed the program, I’m feeling so much better! I no longer have any urgency, stomach cramps, or bloating, and my morning gym routine has returned to normal. I find that I’m more tolerable of foods when I go out to eat, and have no worries about needing to stop often on road trips. My life is completely back to normal after over a year of serious symptoms, and several years of discomfort and bouts of diarrhea after meals out. I look forward to navigating life now with the confidence that my stomach can handle special events, and that I have the fodmap plan to fall back on if I feel my eating has gotten too out of control.

Despite the dietary restrictions and multiple supplements, I actually found the program really easy to follow. The charts and sheets provided were helpful — all I had to do was follow the rules! The easy of getting supplements and tests for the program is great! It’s easy to get refills, either from you or online, so I never miss, and the office is conveniently located, plenty of appointments and quick responses to questions via email!

I would certainly recommend this to anyone having stomach problems. Attempting to treat my problems with OTC medicines and Google would never have resulted in a “diagnosis” of SIBO and leaky gut — and they certainly wouldn’t be cured! I would especially recommend this program to family and friends because I know it works, 100%.

-Caitlin B – Diarrhea, stomach pain and bloating

“My gastrointestinal system was a bit of a wreck. I had gone to see physicians and gastroenterologists and after all the tests, they pretty much said, “Well, you have IBS.” That was pretty much the diagnosis. At that point, they were pretty much hands-off. The biggest [result from the program] was the psychological. It eats on you everyday and you become somewhat obsessed with your problems, which kind of amplifies the issue in a sense and you start thinking about it, which causes more anxiety and more problems. [The program] kind of freed me up. A lot of folks with this problem, think “Where’s the nearest bathroom?” “What can I eat?” “What can I not eat?” I still think about what I can and cannot eat, but I’m not as obsessed about it and I can go on vacation and go on trips and go out and not really think about it as much. When I started seeing you, we started doing …a process of elimination. Eventually, we kind of figured out what it was. Once you kind of know what the problem is and attack a problem at least you feel like you could make some headway at that point. If somebody’s on the fence a little bit do [about this program], go ahead and go for it. You have nothing to lose. If you get frustrated like I had been, you’ll get to the point where you’ll have to do something and there is no reason not to try.”

-Rick G – Stomach pain, diarrhea and IBS

“Few years ago, I started having bad back pain due to an autoimmune condition and nothing helped. Few months before working with you, I found a good doctor so things were better, but I still wasn’t really active, couldn’t walk for a long time, couldn’t run, or play sports. It was affecting my sleep. It felt like my body is not supporting me. And I started gaining weight. I wanted to know what to eat and not just take medicine. I believe that food that you take and what your body receives, your body will react to. I saw another nutritionist before but she just recommended cutting portions for losing weight but it wasn’t what I was looking for. But when I talked to you, you knew what you were doing and we did the test to find out the different level of inflammation food can cause. It wasn’t easy for the first week but got easier, and I tell people that you will love the results. Nothing changed in my life but my food. I started losing weight. After 1-2 months, I had more energy and I started doing simple exercise. Then I tried soccer which was my hobby before and I used to play in college semi-professional. I was very excited that I can play soccer 4 to 5 times a week. I started being more and more active again. I now have energy to play soccer like I used to when I was in college which is 20 years ago. I’m really happy with the results. I know what I’m eating is healthy for me and even eating more foods, maybe there’s one or two foods that I try to avoid but there are a lot of things that I brought to my diet. It’s been more than a year now, still feel great, I lost 25 lbs and I can eat whatever I like. It’s a great program and I recommend it to my friends. They can’t just follow my guide, it’s different for everyone.”

-AH – Autoimmune Disease

“Before Nour’s program, I was struggling with heartburn, stomach distention, rashes, and hives. From completing a strict elimination diet, I now know better how some foods affect me. I discovered new supplements, including some food based, that have helped heal me. The biggest impact of committing to 4 month program is the new habits and lifestyle I have built in which I now prioritize health over work. The program works, the available available lab tests and body composition measurements were beneficial, and have also having someone to coach and motivate you through rehabilitation. I would have bailed on the program in the first week if I had found it on the internet and attempted it alone. Nour helped me through. I would recommend this program to a friend or family member. I tried many times on my own to solve my digestive problems. This program was an important piece of the solution.”

-JE – Heartburn, stomach pain, rashes and hives

“I wanted to try a different approach of managing my migraines. I wanted to see if I could see results without having to try medication first. If I was hesitant about anything, it was that I was skeptical that my migraines would go away with a dietary approach. This was my initial feeling before starting the program.

After working with you, my migraines have reduced! I thought I would never feel any relief from them, so I’m grateful that your guidance has helped me feel better. I have become more cautious as to what I want to eat and have learned to look at food in a different way. Before, I would just eat whatever looked appetizing to me, disregarding how it could potentially be affecting my health. Being relatively young, perhaps I felt a degree of invincibility that there’s no way I could be getting sick from what I was eating, but after receiving my results and following the protocol the best I can, I have definitely seen positive results. You definitely are what you eat!

I would recommend you and your services. I’ve seen positive results for myself. I would encourage anyone with migraines or any health ailment to look into a nutritional protocol in helping to manage their health. I think every person would benefit from it, especially from the MRT test, because you will be surprised what foods that you may be eating might be causing some type of trouble without you knowing it.”

-LS – Migraines

“When I first started thinking about consulting a dietician, I wasn’t certain that changing my diet could really help my digestive issues or fatigue. I already tried abstaining from wheat, dairy and soy for a few weeks without results so I though that I might have to go on medication from my primary care physician to find relief. Visiting a dietician was my last resort before I resigned myself to being on medication for the foreseeable future.

After taking the MRT and resetting my immune system, my digestive issues have been resolved. I am able to stick to a diet that is compatible with my immune and digestive systems and feel like I have enough energy to be productive in my work and home life throughout the day. I’ve also achieved greater focus and have mostly eradicated ‘brain fog’. I was also able to lose 25 pounds.

I appreciate that you are so thoughtful about how you help me and that you respect my choices for my care. I also appreciate that you have so many resources to offer me during our sessions and in your blog. 
I would recommend your services specifically to anyone who is suffering from seemingly inexplicable brain fog, low energy or digestive issues. You are an excellent teacher and coach. If a client is committed to following your recommendations, then you will give them all the tools they will see results. I am so grateful for your help!”

-KM – Digestive issues, fatigue

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes almost 2 years ago and Nour has been absolutely indispensable in helping me beat it. With her help I’ve made HUGE progress on my numbers and now I’m on the verge of beating it completely. I could NOT have done it without her.

She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the latest research and she is kind and persistent in helping her patients make the diet and lifestyle changes they need to make. I’m very happy with my doctor, but Nour is the one person I credit the most for helping me defeat Diabetes. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

-TW – Diabetes

“My physicians did not think my small bowel problem (repeated hospitalization) was diet related, though my oncologist agreed with me that it would be a good idea to consult a nutritionist. I followed my own hunch and decided to see Nour. Since working together, I have practically eliminated the small bowel problem and have healthier eating habits.

I like that Nour meet me where I am at (i.e., she understood that I will not do some things but suggested other things that I can do, and that I would be willing to try). She also personalized the consultation experience and provided written summary of what we discussed. My experience with Nour is positive and I would recommend her for anyone looking for assistance with dietary and nutrition needs. She’s professional, follows-up, and provides personalized consultation.”

-Bill T

“Since I started working with Nour, I feel less bloated. I enjoyed her encouragement to try different remedies and approaches, her breadth of knowledge, her persistence, brainstorming, and competency. I would certainly recommend her to anyone with health and dietary concerns. Thank you Nour for helping me.”

-Molly D

“Although I am not following the LEAP diet strictly, I have relief from many of the symptoms previously experienced. Fatigue is gone. I am completely off of ACIPHEX. No more GERD or acid reflux. No more brain fog, bloating, joint pain, snoring and improved vision (WOW). Almost no stomach discomfort unless I fall of the diet and eat a reactive food (especially corn or wheat). I’m very happy I took the MRT and met with you. I’m especially grateful for your highly personalized service and attention to foods and recipes that are safe for me. I’ve also recommended you to many of my coworkers who experience similar symptoms and urge them to take the test.”

-David Galen

“Working with Nour has been lovely. She listens to my concerns and is patient always. By figuring out my sensitivities [through food sensitivity testing], I have been able to reduce pain and bloating, have clearer skin, more energy, and feel better in general. She is flexible with her schedule, very professional but caring at the same time. She has worked very hard to give me ideas on how to prepare and combine the foods that work for me based on my test results. I would recommend her to all my friends and family, in fact she works with me and my four children. Nour has been a blessing and very much improved my quality of life.”

-Heather Lucas

“Since having Nour as my weight loss coach, I have accomplished all these and more: I eat clean food. I added chia and hemp seeds, oats, and more fruits and vegetables. I’m eating slowly and know what full and hungry feel like. I’m enjoying all foods. I realized how uncomfortable my body feels after eating junk food now that I know what eating healthy and clean feels like. I enjoyed challenging myself, which helped me in many things in life even organizing. I eat less sugar than before but still love sugary things. I have fewer headaches than before. I did things that were waiting in my list now that I have energy to achieve more. I dropped about 8 kilos (17.5 lbs) without feeling that I’m on a diet without stress. I enjoy cooking easy healthy meals like never before. I love to give my kids veggies and fruits as snacks (I used to prefer ready wrapped snacks which were easier). I eat less at dinner and love green things like never before.”


“When I first met Nour, I had  bouts of gastritis and digestive problems.  She modified my diet, helped me develop a healthier eating plan, and recommended a probiotic that really made a difference.  I highly recommend the food sensitivity testing, I learned a lot from the results.  I made it through a long trip through Turkey and the Black Sea without a single GI problem because of her advice.  Nour is terrific and I feel so much better after working with her.”

-Donna Z

“Nour helped me take a detailed look at my eating/nutritional habits and successfully turned my daily routine into a healthy one. I feel better, look better and have finally started losing weight! Nour changed the way I approach food not only for the short term but to build a LONG TERM approach to being healthy. She was extremely supportive and gave me tools to help combat my emotional eating habits as well, which has been key to consistency. Thank you Nour!”

-Dina A

“The best thing aside from symptom relief [from the MRT-LEAP food sensitivities program] is trying foods I would never have thought to try; foods I thought would have bothered me. I don’t miss the way I was eating. I’m feeling awesome. It’s been so easy. We’re creatures of habit, we do things so blindly. Now I see the giant light at the end of the tunnel.”


“This is about the best I have felt in a long time. I have to say I think this program [MRT-LEAP food sensitivities program] has changed my life. I went from having to drag myself through the day to being energetic, alert and feeling wonderful over-all. I am essentially symptom free in terms of intestinal problems and it is only when I “cheat” that I feel poorly. This program has really educated on me on food – what I am putting in my body and how it affects me. Thanks again Nour for your help with this.”

-Glen S

“After suffering from stomach issues for over 2 years and not getting any relief from prescriptions I started my own research online and found information leading to Nourition. Nour has been wonderful with addressing my problems and finding out what foods are my triggers as well as nutrients I am deficient in. I am feeling great, eating healthy and have fewer symptoms. I am so happy to have found Nour and look forward to being symptom free!”

-Sarah C

“I am a recent widow with 2 teenagers. When my husband died all sorts of things began happening. I shed weight, which I suppose is normal, my hair began falling out and I was having more migraines and mood swings. I also have epilepsy and in taking the anti-convulsants I know my body is full of toxins – I have also been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I learned a lot from Nour and am more conscious about what I eat now. My hair seems to be growing back again as well and my mood swings are gone. I prepare the recipes she sent out to me and not only I, but my friends like them as well. Nour is lovely, very sweet and kind. She was very flexible with scheduling appointments and during our meetings I found her extremely caring and understanding. Thanks for everything Nour!”

-Gina R

“I am a stay at home mom of four in my late 20’s. I worked with Nour when I was surprisingly diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. Needing assistance fast and not having the time to attend a class, I contacted Nour to help me out. Not only was I able to receive individualized instructions and guidance tuned just for me and my situation, but I was able to stay in my own home while Nour did a house call for my convenience. She was very thorough and understanding and helped me see what areas I needed to cut back on and what I needed to eat more of. Through Nour’s guidance I was able to gain control of my gestational diabetes and complete the remainder of my pregnancy without further incidence.”


“I attended a series of classes focused on nutrition and eating right, and really enjoyed them! Nour is a fantastic coach and really took the time to develop and present an easy to follow and engaging curriculum. I feel like I left the class with a set of concrete tools I can apply to my daily routine to not only eat better myself, but maintain a balanced and doable lifestyle for my entire family. Thank you Nour!”


“Nour was a pleasure to work with! She’s well versed in nutrition and shares her knowledge in a compassionate way. Nour provided coaching and education to a group of us in a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition. She listened to our needs and developed a program to help us better understand the way we eat scientifically, physically and emotionally. Even with a diverse audience, Nour took the time to ensure that each our needs were met. She went above and beyond and I look forward to working with her again!”


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