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Sea Food from the Red Sea…and Exciting Diving and Snorkeling Experience

I have been trying to write posts three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This week, I missed one day so I wanted to share with you why. Lack of internet access on a short trip we took to Sharm El-Sheikh, a beach town/area in the southern part of Sinai of Egypt on the Red Sea.

My husband and I wanted an escape, and the fact that my parents and siblings offered to watch our son for the few days we were gone was tempting. So we packed our stuff and off we went.

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There are many types restaurants, from local to Arabic, to Asian, to Italian…etc. From fancy and five star to local street food.

Had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. Baba Ghanoush in the middle, kubbeh (meat and bulgur dough stuffed with meat and pine nuts) to the right, and cheese burek (cheese stuffed pastries) to the left
Dinner at Lebanese restaurant. Baba ghanoush in the middle, Kubbeh (meat and bulgur dough stuffed with ground meat and pine nuts) to the right, and cheese burek (cheese stuffed pastries) to the left
Had lunch at the Italian restaurant in our hotel. The food was ok but I loved the olive oil and vinegar bottle. Pretty cool.

If you are ever at this town–and I feel the same about any beach town where fishing is big–you must check out the local sea food restaurants. People recommended two in the old city, Fares and Star of Sinai. My husband liked the first one more, I liked the second.

At Fares: creamy sea food soup made with shrimp, calamari, and fish fillets. Delish!
At Fares: Grilled shrimp that has been caught the same day. The bad thing is that they don’t peel it! A great experience anyways!
At Fares: Grilled grouper…

On every corner, there’s a shop that sells herbs and spices. I bought this plant here in the picture, mango tea, and Bedouin tea (added to black tea for flavor).

Karkaday… plant leaves that are known to the people in the area to normalize blood pressure (I have’t researched it though). Can be boiled in hot water and served like hot tea or soaked in cold water and served like iced tea
Spices from the old city market. This shows crushed petals of safflower, both yellow or red, which are used to season and color dishes and a cheap substitute to saffron

One of the reasons we chose to go here is that my husband and I are both certified divers. For a couple reasons, I couldn’t dive and ended up snorkeling, but that is not such a bad experience. The reef, the coral, and the fish are amazingly beautiful in the Red Sea.

In the boat, going to the snorkeling/diving site.
I saw a sea turtle! AMAZING! Non of the divers saw it! LOL they were below the turtle and didn’t look up 🙂
My husband, Nader, showing the “everything is good” sign in diving

After a long day in the sea, we went to the second sea food place, Star of Sinai–my favorite.

Sea food at another restaurant in the old city. Grilled something–I couldn’t recognize the name but it was amazing. And the best thing, is that this fish, which weighed about 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) and 1/4 kilo of grilled shrimp, plus appetizers and drinks cost us 30 US dollars!

In the depth of the land, the desert and rocky mountains beautifully offer a different experience for visitors. We booked a “quads” tour, in which our guide took us (with a crowd) around the mountains in the desert right before sunset. This is probably as close as I can get to riding a motorcycle! They wrapped our faces and heads to protect ourselves from the sand. And an advice: make sure you have shoes!

What a great trip. What I loved the most is being active and eating fish! Next time though, I’ll try to find a hotel with free Wi-Fi. It’s amazing how disconnected from the world I felt–but maybe that’s the point of a vacation!

If you’re ever looking for a water adventure, check out this place. It’s called Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. And the best time to go is the spring before the crazy summer heat.

Coming up next: chocolate balls recipe inspired by Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice. Not a healthy one–I’m sorry. But it’s an indulgence we all deserve: in moderation and from time to time!

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