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Why is the Gut Truly Important? Restore Your Health Show Episode 1

It seems that everyone is talking about gut health lately. Leaky gut, pre-biotics, probiotics, wheat, celiac, gluten, bacteria, gut flora, and many more gut-related terms are popping everywhere. What do all these mean? How do they relate to your health?

Before we get into all these topics and the main topic of gut health, the first thing I want to talk about in the first episode of Restore your Health show is:

Why is the Gut Important?


In the video, I talk about the 4 major roles the gut plays in our health:

  1. It helps you absorb and digest nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  2. It hosts the microbiota, or healthy microbes, which has many roles in health
  3. It prevents pathogens, toxins, chemicals, and undigested foods from entering the body and messing up the immune system
  4. It talks to your brain and helps you feel happy and positive

Watch the video for the full details on gut health!

Learn how to identify the REAL causes of your gut problems.

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Make sure you watch Episode 2 of Restore your Health Show next Wednesday at 1:30 pm EST! I’m going to talk more about gut health and leaky gut, what it means, and how do you know that you have leaky gut. Join me on Facebook (click HERE) for the live streaming.

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