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You may have considered a probiotic for your digestive discomforts. Maybe you’re hoping it would help with weight loss, constipation, skin, or other health issues that are troubling you. You may have tried several products on the market and feel little or no difference.

If you’ve been watching my videos or reading my posts for any length of time, you know that I am not one to just recommend a one-size-fits-all treatment for everyone’s problems. I like to work with patients one on one and individualize their plans, because their gut health deserves to be taken care of a such. Each person is different. However, lately, I’ve been wanting to share the one probiotic that is a true game-changer.

In this post, I’m sharing the best probiotic supplement or strain that will actually work and the one I personally use and recommend to my patients.  

Before I go further, keep this in mind: Probiotics alone are NOT the one and only solution to all your problem(s).

They are 100% needed for a healthy gut flora. And if you use a product like the one I recommend here, it can reduce gut toxicity (LPS level), produce some antioxidants and vitamins, maintain a healthy gut barrier (which will heal leaky gut), rebalance the gut after SIBO and H Pylori treatments, relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, stimulate the immune system to fight pathogens, prevent recurring respiratory infections in children, reduce systematic inflammation, and much more.

Probiotics are an important piece of your gut health puzzle. But simply adding probiotics may not result in the relief you’re looking for or solve the problem from the root. To do that, you still need to address food sensitivities and identify which pathogens are present or over populating your gut and fix that. While this type of probiotic does actually attack harmful bacteria and other organisms, I find that I still need additional antimicrobial agents to go along with it.

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The Best Probiotic Strains

The probiotic strains I recommend are bacillus species, also known as spore-based probiotics. They are superior for many reasons.

1. Spore-based probiotics survive stomach acidity and make it to the large intestine alive.

Bacillus spores have a 2-phase life cycle. In the spore-phase, they are dormant and protected from harsh environments, allowing them to survive digestion and the stomach’s acidity. When they reach the large intestine, the environment there is favorable and optimal for their growth. The spores become active and start working by reconditioning and colonizing the gut and promoting diversity and growth of the strains that your body needs and the ones you’re born with (known as commensal bacteria).

On the other hand, traditional probiotics made with lactobacillus and bifido species do not survive digestion and stomach acidity. It’s estimated that 99% of these bacteria arrive to the large intestine dead.

2. Spore-based probiotics are more likely to colonize the gut.

Lactobacillus and bifido bacteria are “new” to your gut flora. Introducing them just “reseeds” the gut, which is like adding new seeds to your abandoned garden. You can keep bringing more seeds but a beautiful garden is when the seeds stick around and flourish into beautiful healthy plants. Supporting your gut with bacillus specifies on the other hand “reconditions” the gut. This is like hiring a gardener who’s going to water the plants you have, remove the weeds, and maintain the garden. All humans have binding sites for bacillus species, and because they are not foreign but more in line of the species you already have, they will colonize instead of passing through.

3. Spore-based probiotics are low maintenance.

Who doesn’t like that? They don’t need to be refrigerated, which means you can travel with them or take them to work or any place you need. They can be taken at the same time with antibiotics, because the spore-phase protects the bacteria. They won’t interfere with SIBO, H Pylori, or yeast/candida protocols, and in fact, they will boost the therapy because they will do their part in attacking the pathogens. They don’t produce histamine (certain lactobacillus bacteria do), making them agreeable for people with histamine intolerance.

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The Best Probiotic Supplement

I personally use and recommend for my patients Megasporebiotics from Microbiome Labs. Why this specific product?

  • The research supports the superiority of spore-based probiotics
  • Fewer side effects with using it with hundreds of patients
  • Great results with my patients, along with a comprehensive program
  • This specific product is DNA-verified by a 3rd party
  • Great knowledge and expertise of the doctors and microbiologists on their team

How to Buy Megasporebiotic?

If you want to get a headstart on balancing your gut flora, I want to share with you how you can get this product. It’s only sold through the company directly under a healthcare provider name, or you can get it through my online supplement store.

To get it through my online supplement store:

  1. Go to my online supplement store page
  2. Create an account
  3. Search for “Megasporebiotic”

To get it from the company directly:

  1. Go to this page:
  2. Click on “Register an account” then choose “patient”
  3. Complete your information. Under Patient Direct Code, use “Nour”
  4. Search for “Megasporebiotic”


How to Dose Megasporebiotic?

It’s a very effective and potent probiotic, so it’s important to start slowly.

  1. Take 1 capsule with food every other day for the first week.
  2. Then advance to 1 capsule daily with food for another week
  3. Advance to 2 capsules together, daily with food for at least 30 days.
  4. If you want back off and stick to a maintenance dose, you can take 2 capsules together, 3-4 days per week.

If introducing this probiotic causes changes in bowel movements or stomach bloating or cramping, it’s a sign that it’s working a little too much. This shouldn’t last more than few days. In this case, back off the dose. Open the capsule and take ½ of it with food until you adjust, then advance to the full capsule, and then slowly to 2.

Are Probiotics Alone Enough?

While Megasporebiotic is effective and results in many health benefits, it’s not enough on its own to fix all your gut problems or eliminate pains or discomforts you’re dealing with. You need a comprehensive approach that includes identifying food sensitivities and the specific harmful microbes (bacteria, yeast, viruses, parasites, etc) that may be growing inside of you. That can only be done through specific integrative medicine tests and gut balancing protocols where Megaspore is one of the steps.

I sometimes need to add a second probiotic depending on my patient’s medical history and diagnosis. Other times, I need additional products to boost immunity, repair the gut lining, and “fertilize” the garden. I don’t recommend that you add more products without knowing exactly what you need as that may end up in wasting your time and money, and may be harmful.

If you have stomach pain, heartburn, reflux, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, or if you have Crohn’s, colitis or an other autoimmune condition, or if you have non-gut symptoms like fatigue, headaches, brain fog, hair loss, skin issues, or muscle and joint pain, there are other “problems” in your body and we need to address them. If you want to see how I can help you personalize repairing your gut so you can eliminate your specific problem(s), you can read about my program and what I do, and then you can book a Strategy Consultation call to explore how I can help you best.




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