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Healthy Meals and Snacks When Traveling

Today’s post is about some of the meals and snacks I had for the 2 days I was traveling to NYC. I want to show you that you CAN eat healthy meals and snacks when traveling. You have to CHOOSE to, and you have to KNOW what to pack (some tips and tricks, and food suggestions are always helpful).

Heading out, I took a 12:30 pm train. Knowing I won’t have time to eat lunch before I board the train, knowing the meals offered there, and having some veggies in the fridge that we needed to eat, I decided to pack a salad. I didn’t want to grab a reusable container and worry about washing and bringing it back, so I almost gave up on the whole idea. Then, I saw the dates container (I buy those from Costco) and thought it would make a great salad bowl!

I transferred the dates to a resalable bag, washed the container, added veggies (chopped cauliflower in the bottom), some protein, dressing, and tadaaaaa… salad was done. For protein, we get the organic deli turkey from Costco that only contains turkey, salt, and water (no preservatives or fillers). Other grocery stores might offer similar options too. And some 100% Swiss cheese without fillers or food colors.

I fed my body clean foods, saved money and used up the groceries in my fridge. Win, win, win.

What to Eat When Traveling

I also wanted to show you the snacks I packed. I ate the fresh food the first day (grapes, celery, and carrots). One bag contains dates and raw almonds (remove the pits at home so you keep your fingertips clean), another has roasted chili chickpeas, a couple of Lara Bars (I usually prefer the peanut butter or cashew cookie dough but my kids like the addition of chocolate and that’s the one I had). The green container has some unflavored collagen, and I add it to my coffee for about 5 grams protein per teaspoon.

For breakfast on Wednesday morning, I had plain omelet with a banana, along with my coffee and collagen protein. There was a variety of pastries, bagels, cereals, and breads, but I skipped all those.

Lunch was served on Wednesday, and thankfully, there were healthy options. I had a good portion of the vegetable salad, grilled chicken breast, a couple of slices of cheese, a slice of artisan bread (I try to only eat bread if it’s worth it), and a bite size brownie.

Dinner? One night was Mexican-style chicken salad (think Chipotle but from a local NYC fancy food court) and the next night was ahi tuna tacos. I wish I took pictures.

Heading home, I slept in and almost missed my train, so I grabbed a banana on my way out of the hotel. Those healthy snacks came in very handy! I got myself a cup of coffee, added some collagen protein powder, and that was my breakfast.

How to Eat When Traveling

Do you travel often? Do you have long work hours? Do you have a crazy school schedule? Do you spend a lot of time in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends driving between kids’ activities? Plan ahead and pack few healthy things with you.

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