I hope you all had a fun, relaxing, and warm Thanksgiving break! We did!

Mondays tend to be difficult for settling back in and getting back into routine. It’s definitely much harder after a long weekend!

I wanted to share this recipe I made few weeks ago. This fall, I’ve been into fall flavors and seasonal cooking more than any ever in my life. I think it’s because this is the first fall I’ve been ‘seriously’ blogging and getting inspired by all the food and nutrition lovers I follow.

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I got a free fresh whole pumpkin from a fall festival. While I could have gone with the first thought: roast or boil, puree, and bake pumpkin bread, I was craving something different. This was the winning recipe: pumpkin chicken curry.

Changes made to the recipe and comments:

  • It could take more spices--we like strong flavors! I would add more coriander, cumin, and turmeric next time I make this, or maybe curry powder. We also like our curries hot. A dash of red hot peppers would have been great.
  • I used light coconut milk instead of regular coconut milk. I saw it for the first time on the shelve in the grocery store and decided it to try. I don’t recommend light coconut milk. It made the curry too watered down and it lost the rich creaminess of coconut. I felt like I wanted to eat more of the curry to get the coconut taste–talk about mindless eating! Plus, we’re only adding half a cup for the whole recipe, and that won’t make that much difference on the nutrition content per serving. This is a time when it’s better to enjoy the real thing–and get satisfied!
  • While the orange color of the pumpkins was very appealing, after plating the meal, it felt like it needed an accent color. Green or red, I thought. So, I topped my plate with raisins. You might want to add them to the curry ahead of time so they absorb some of the flavors.

Do you have a favorite curry recipe that you like to share? We love curries and always willing to try something new! Write a comment and link to your recipe!


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