Are you a “gotta-have-it-all-or-nothing” person?

  • You need  a whole day to clean up your office, room, or kitchen…
  • You need a whole hour to exercise…
  • You need a whole lot of money to buy healthier foods…
  • You ate fast food at lunch, so you might as well eat whatever at dinner…
  • You’re eating a burger and fries, so you might as well get a large soda…
  • You ate one piece of dessert and “broke your diet,” so you’re just going to another, and another…
  • You haven’t been to the gym for several days, so today won’t matter…

Confession: I tend to be and all-or-nothing person. Things have to be perfect–my way–or else they’re not good enough. And while I had to learn to let go–thanks to my 2 year old (isn’t it amazing what kids teach us?!), and continue to let go thanks to being 9 months pregnant, I still have ways to go. That’s because most things in life come in gray (or colors), not in white or black.

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And that is also true for our health.

We put too much emphasis on being healthy, forgetting that it’s more important to be healthier. Small steps, small increments of time, and small changes make a big difference.

Think of this as you approach the busy holidays. Where can you fit exercise? Can you still maintain your year-long health, nutrition, and exercise habits while enjoying a cookie–not 10? Can you still eat that piece of fruit for snack even if your lunch did not meet your “healthy” definition?

Just a few thoughts to leave you with this weekend.

What’s coming up next?

On Monday, I’m going to review the 7-Day Menu Planner For Dummies book and give it away. Come back to see how you can get it home and start planning your menus for 2011.

Do you cook and freeze meals for later use? I’m collecting recipes and tips to help me prepare for baby number 2 who’s supposed to arrive in less than a month. I plan to share all in a blog post (and link back to you!), and all recipes are welcome!



  1. Entisar

    We put too much emphasis on being healthy, forgetting that it’s more important to be healthier.?
    Would u explain what do u mean bythis .. isn’t focusing on beeing healthier comes under all or nothing ..sorry just confused.. and i can’t let it go 🙂

  2. Nour El-Zibdeh, RD

    Thanks Entisar for the questions.

    Here’s an example:
    Do you consider eating fast-food burgers and fries healthy? No, it’s not. Another question, isn’t it healthier to at least skip the soda and drink water? Yes.

    The point is, just because you can’t go all the way, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to go half way.

    Let’s say you can’t eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (which is the recommended amount for health). Wouldn’t eating 4 a day is a step towards being healthIER? You will get the benefit even if you’re not all the way there. You can add the rest later.

    I think we should all care about health. We only have one body to live in and we want to be able to go places, do things, and live a quality life to see our kids and grandkids grow. Focusing on your health doesn’t mean you can never have a dessert or French fries ever again. Not being too harsh on yourself is part of being healthy too!

  3. Entisar

    WAW .. Thanks Nour for taking time answering me.
    Right .. I agree with you.Yes we have one body and we are responsible for it.

  4. Kerry

    Found you via the #mefirst chat. This is a great post, so important to remember that the little choices add up to great things.

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