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What’s in Your Kid’s Lunchbox? Ideas to Re-Motivate You to Pack Healthy Lunches

Over a month has passed since school started. If you wanted to start the year with a healthy lunch plan for your kids, it’s very possible that it’s not always in action. And that’s ok. We’re often excited about our plans to eat–and feed our kids–healthier, but the reality is, we get busy, tired, bored, or run out of time and ideas.

In my post today, I tried to share some of my favorite school lunch ideas I read online. They are not mine, so please visit the blogs I refer to to get the full suggestions.

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Since most schools don’t allow nuts, check out these nut-free lunch ideas. My modification is: drop the pepperoni in the pizza rolls. Stick to chicken, turkey, or roast beef that are not preserved with nitrates. Any time you want to use cold cuts, look for nitrate-free brands, such as Hormel.

Weekly Bite, written by Estela who’s a registered dietitian and mom, has great ideas in the Kiddie Lunch Box section of her blog. My favorite protein food she suggest that we often forget? Hard boiled eggs. That lunch is nutritious as is, but I would add cucumber and tomato cubes to it. I also like this lunch idea she posted earlier this month: cream cheese and pumpkin butter sandwich.

Danielle Omar, also a registered Nutritionist, gives more ideas for school lunches and snacks. In her blog post, she has a link for the TV segment she did on school lunch ideas on FOX news. What I like the most about her tips? Sushi. Why not send avocado and cucumber sushi to school with your kids? Check out her other creative ideas.

Amy from Super Healthy Kids has a post on Portable Power Foods. These are all great ideas for things to add to your kids lunch box to boost nutrition. Read the comments section; there are many good suggestions there.

In SuperKids Nutrition, Toby Amidor and Jacqueline Zimmerman, share a 2-week plan for healthy brown bag lunch options. Good ideas that you can repeat over and over.

I hope these ideas will get you motivated to pack healthy lunches again.

Do you have other suggests? Please share in the comments section below!

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