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Update Your Links

As much as I want to share my zucchini and mushroom frittata recipe today, I had to make sure first that you all have the updated RSS feed. My old blog, Practical Nutrition, is going away. The current RSS feed is:


Also, if you have any links pointing to my blog, make sure you update them too.

If you need any help, let me know.

Tomorrow on the blog: zucchini and mushroom frittata! 

Nour’s guidance and expertise was the key to dramatically halting our son’s [Crohn’s] disease progression! His pediatric gastroenterologist is now in agreement of our choice to treat solely with diet and supplements. All his labs have improved and his inflammatory markers are so low they are practically nonexistent.

Before working with Nour, I experienced intestinal pain off and on for for 54 years with minimal success on medications. I have benefited 100% from Nour’s program as I am now pain free!

A lot of time and money was wasted on foods that I thought would help my digestive struggles [diarrhea, bloating, hunger], but in fact I was making it worse. The main benefit is getting a handle on what negatively affects my digestive symptom. Doing a total 180 to my eating habits has been pretty amazing.


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