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Recipe: Roasted Delicata Squash with Carrots and Mushrooms

Their season is almost over: catch them before they’re gone

The grocery store I shop at had a special on delicata squash–another reason to buy seasonal produce. I’ve never made them before and had no recipe. I figured, if I can roast other veggies, I can probably roast these two.

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This is an improvised simple recipe. Cut the squash lengthwise in half, then take out all the seeds. Cut each half into two pieces lengthwise again, then cut each strip into 1-inch pieces. Combine any vegetables available in your kitchen, preferably something you are used to. I always recommend my clients/patients to pair up something new with something old, which makes the experience of introducing a new food more successful. I added whole portabella mushrooms and carrots.

Then drizzled with some olive oil, little salt, and pepper.

Because I like herbs (and they are good for health too): oregano flakes for me.

And for my hubby: some garlic powder.

Then I tossed all vegetables in a large bowl, spread on a large baking sheet covered with little oil so they wont stick, and roasted in the oven at 450 F for about 20-25 minutes.

The result/taste:

This type of squash has a very interesting taste and texture. The skin was crunchy and savory, and the pulp was sweet and soft. The seasonings and spices were perfect. I really enjoyed them, but I wouldn’t make them alone. Their flavorful is strong and requires combining them with a vegetable that is somewhat bland.

The funny thing is that I’ve been shopping in this store for almost four years, and I don’t remember seeing them before! Weird but makes sense. Often, we get to the produce section, throw what’s on our grocery list in the cart, and move on. We might not pay attention to anything new or different. Maybe this time was different because I read about delicata squash and saw their pictures in a magazine just few days before. Hopefully this post will make you look for them.

Question for you: How often do you aim to try a new food or recipe?

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9 thoughts on “Recipe: Roasted Delicata Squash with Carrots and Mushrooms”

  1. I’ve never cooked with Delicata squash. It looks great roasted with the other vegetables. On my way to check out the rest of your blog. I’m glad I discovered it.


  2. This looks so delicious and healthy! I’ve never cooked delicata squash and love to give it a try soon. great recipe!

  3. Interesting! I’ve never heard of Delicata squash before. I love squash though – one of the best parts about fall and winter, for sure!

    I try AT LEAST 1 new recipe a week. Often times, I end up trying 2…3…sometimes 4, or even 5 new recipes each week. Many of them contain new ingredients to me. I’ve really stepped outside the box since starting to blog, and I just love it!

  4. Nour El-Zibdeh, RD

    Nicole: Thanks!I hope you find and try them. I agree, blogging makes me want to try new things…and being active online and following so many great blogs is very inspiring.And my husband is happy 🙂

    Thanks Joumana! I hope you do find it.

    Simply Life: Thanks for stopping and for the comment 🙂

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