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Kiddy Snack with Adult Appeal: Watermelon Cheese Kabobs

Who doesn’t love crispy juicy sweet watermelons in the summer?

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This is a fun skewer idea that I tried with my 2-year-old son. Sometimes, we like to change things up to make him more interested in his food. And I wanted to create a balanced meal out of watermelons.

We’re also learning about colors, so this is a fun+food educational activity+snack.

I got inspired by a traditional summer snack people eat in Jordan: jibneh o bateekh–cheese and watermelon.  Growing up, my mom would cup up watermelon and slice some traditional sheep’s milk cheese (called Nabulsi cheese) and serve both together. We would put a piece of each on a fork and enjoy the sweetness and saltiness of both foods in one bite.

Now that’s called flavor fusion!

Since the Middle Eastern cheese is not common everywhere, you can use any cheese of your choice. I had Havarti when I made this, but mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss, or any other cheese cubes work, as long as they don’t fall apart. You can also use feta but it probably won’t stick on a stick.

There needs to be a vegetable of course. I had green sweet bell pepper. They are my favorite because they’re full of water. You can also use other colored peppers, cucumbers, celery, or broccoli. Any other ideas?

Next time, we’ll have blueberries on a skewer for the color blue.

On a side note, we found out yesterday that we are having a baby boy. Yes, another boy! How fun for my son and how crazy for me. The baby is due in January, and we can’t wait!

What’s your favorite kabob food?

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