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Healthy Mexican Food–Done Right!

Here’s how American Mexican meals go wrong: you start off with a heap of tortilla chips and finish off with a fiesta of cheese, sour cream, guacamole, tortilla bread, rice, and beans. It’s not impossible to get up from the table 1,000 calories heavier.

But the truth is, Mexican meals—if done right—can be a practical way to eat loads of vegetables with tons of flavor. My three tips will guarantee you a healthy delicious meal.

  • Choose or make a vegetable-friendly dish

Forget about the ground meat and cheese loaded dishes. Ground meat–unless you buy it specifically lean–tends to be high in fat. A grilled chicken breast or a non-fatty cut of steak is a much better option, and fajitas are the way to go: lean protein and tons of vegetables.

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  • Limit sides variety

Tortilla chips, bread, rice, and beans are all considered carbohydrates, while guacamole, cheese, and sour cream fall under the category of fat. Choose one from each group.

  • Watch portions

Now that you have one side at the table, watch how much you eat. Use small plates, eat slowly, pack half your meal if you’re eating out, or leave the food on your counter-top if you’re at home. Read my post on how to eat slowly for tricks to watch portion sizes.

If you think the picture above looks good, then you should really check my easy chicken fajita and homemade guacamole recipe. I guess I’m getting into food-photography!

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Mexican Food–Done Right!”

  1. I think a lot of people enjoy all that sour cream and lard that comes with the Mexican dishes at the restaurant! I love Mexican food but I am afraid to eat it out!Thanks for pointing out the healthy way to eat it~Very useful!

    1. Nour El-Zibdeh, RD

      Thanks for the comment. I would avoid sour cream at restaurants since it tends to be the full fat version. But if you’re making it at home, you always have the option of reduced-fat or even fat-free sour cream. I’m glad to know that you’ll enjoy healthy Mexican meals!

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