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Five Unthought of Breakfast Ideas

Few weeks ago, Kati Mora from Around the Plate contributed a post on the benefits of breakfast for weight loss. She wrote,

Research shows that individuals who put in the effort to eat breakfast regularly are the ones who are more likely to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Kati made the point that breakfast has to be of quality: rich in nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

While the most obvious breakfast with fruits is a bowl of cereal and one with vegetables is an omelet, things can be a little more creative.

Five dietitians (or dietitians to be) I follow had a breakfast challenge this past week and came up with out of the box ideas. They included foods many of us don’t see as breakfast foods. Plus, you can make them ahead of time and grab on the go–when there’s not much time to stop and think of what to eat.

Lindsey Toth from Healthy Blog Snack made avocado breakfast toasts

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Pear Ginger Breakfast Scones

Elizabeth from Don’t (White) Sugar Coat It made pear ginger scones


Janel Ovrut from Eat Well With Janel made lentil breakfast muffins/cakes


Corinne Dobbas from Green Grapes Blog made cinnamon-cranberry quinoa (keen-wa)

Walnut-Dates Breakast Bar

Jessica Maillet from A Fete for Foodmade walnut-date breakfast bars (“They are not a beautiful food, but they sure are tasty”–Jessica!)

Learn how to identify the REAL causes of your gut problems.

Download My Free Guide.

Click on the links for the recipes and buy what you need when you get this week’s groceries.  Let us know how they go…

What is your creative breakfast idea?

Have a fun breakfast-eating week!

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    1. Nour El-Zibdeh, RD

      Thanks Arlette. I was able to sign in but I don’t see my name under your list though. Can you see me? I sent you an email.

  1. Wow! These are amazing recipes that I can’t wait to try. I blogged about breakfast ideas this very morning myself. Good to see more ideas out there to combat the refined wheat and sugar combos many people grab on the go. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Nour El-Zibdeh, RD

      Thanks Kathryn… I’m all for breakfast! And cereal can get boring… I have a flax muffin recipe coming up tomorrow if you want to check it… I’ll go read what you have!

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