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Date Bars Recipe (PS – Your Kids Will Love It)



Date bars are super easy to make, contain no added or artificial sugars, a healthy snack for kids and grown ups, and can be adjusted to contain high quality proteins and healthy fats. In this video, my son and I show you how we make date bars.


Date Bars Recipe Modification


There are several ways you can modify this recipe. Think about all your options as you watch the video.


  • I show you the pressed dates I prefer to use. If you can’t find those locally, you can buy them from Amazon. You can use whole dates, but they will take more time to ‘knead’ or you might have to use a food processor.
  • Instead of almond butter, you can try peanut butter. Other options can be sunflower, cashew, hazelnut, or tahini butter. If you need to make it at home, I have this cashew butter recipe for you.
  • Instead of slivered almonds, you can use hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew, peanuts, or coconut flakes.
  • You can keep or skip the cocoa powder or the cinnamon, but why would you do that???
  • You can skip the protein powder, but it’s really important to balance out the natural sugar in the dates. You get protein from the nuts and seeds, but you can easily boost it with a couple of scoops. My preference is collagen, and you can read why and which product I like here. You can also try hemp or pea protein if you prefer. Just pick something unflavored.


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Protein Bars Recipe Video


So here you go, my son and I showing you how we make date bars. I wanted to keep it real and encourage you to get in the kitchen with your kids. It’s a great way to spend some time with your kids and teach them about healthy eating.


This recipe will make 10 bars. Double it if you have a larger household. Store them wrapped in the fridge for few days (that is if they last). You can also freeze them and they’ll keep for few weeks.


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Date Bars Video Links


Here are the links I mention in the video:


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