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Avoiding The Holiday Coma

Muslims are celebrating Eid today, Thanksgiving is next week, Hanuka is in the beginning of December, and before you know it, Christmas will be here. You are probably celebrating one of these holidays, and regardless of which one it is, we all have one common concern: how to avoid the holiday coma?

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The solution: sensible mindful eating. Here are my tips on how you can do it:

One: While food is part of the holiday, it is NOT the holiday. Remember that there is something else–and quite frankly more important–you’re celebrating. Focus on the actual holiday, its blessings, and what it means to you, rather than food.

Two: Be selective of the foods you put in your body. Do you enjoy every side dish on the table? Every dessert served? Every drink offered? Chances are you don’t. Remember, just because the food is usually served around this time of year, it doesn’t mean it’s extinct through out. You can make pumpkin pie next month or two without having to stuff it  down with the tons of other pies offered.

Three: Explain yourself–to those who insist you try from their food. No, don’t say miserable, “I can’t, I’m on a diet”. Remember that it’s a lifestyle, not an on-and-off diet. Proudly say, ‘I’m trying to take care of my body and when I eat too much, I don’t feel good. Your food is delicious but I can’t push my body over its limit.”

Four: Take the food home if that person insists you try it. Eat the dessert next day. Plus, many side dishes are better as leftovers.

Five: Walk, walk, walk. It’s the easiest exercise that everyone can participate in. It’s a way to connect and spend quality time with those who you love and don’t get to see as often. Instead of catching up sitting on the couch, put your walking shoes on, wrap a scarf around your neck, and enjoy some fresh air.

Happy Eid and Holidays everyone!

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