Get Back to Enjoying Food You Love

Traditionally, the approach for treating acid reflux is acid-blocking medication bought over the counter or something stronger from a prescription pad. While some may initially find such treatments useful, long-term use often proves problematic or simply ineffective. The good news is that a food-based approach can stop acid reflux pain — and prevent it from coming back.

The Complete Acid Reflux Diet Plan goes beyond symptom management by focusing on the root cause of your acid reflux and solving it for good with its 3-stage diet plan and over 125 recipes. Easy to follow and effective, this book presents a transformational solution for living the life you want, entirely free of reflux, heartburn, GERD, and LPR.

STOP the pain
In this 3-day phase, you’ll jump-start your diet and relieve your acid reflux discomfort by focusing on removing extremely acidic foods and enjoying delicious GERD and LPR-friendly foods.

HEAL your gut
Keep your progress going in this phase by continuing to avoid acidic foods and eliminating foods that contribute to fermentation. In this 4-week meal plan, you’ll also welcome foods that soothe your digestive tract and heal your gut.

REINTRODUCE food gradually
After getting rid of your symptoms, you’ll slowly bring new and old foods into your diet. This essential 4-week plan will pave the way for a stress-free nutrition plan for your future so you won’t have to stay on a restricted diet forever.